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By Johnny Benz (Feb 8, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Despite being knocked out in the tenth round this past September at the hands of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Ricky Hatton has told Sport Relief he still wants a rematch. Hatton would like another chance but this time with a different referee.

Hatton, reveals the loss has been a hard pill for him to swallow. "It's a very difficult bitter pill for me to swallow losing my first fight," said Hatton.

Hatton added, "But I would fight him again, even though he knocked me out - just with a different referee."

Hatton says he and Mayweather Jr. have kept in touch with text messages and phone calls. Hatton said: "He has texted me a few times, and he has phoned me a few times, he wants to come over to Britain and watch one of my fights," said Hatton.

Hatton added: "He even said to me, although I have proved I am the best, what I wouldn't give to have the love of the fans like you have."

"Being the way Floyd is, it must have been hard for him to give me a compliment like that, but he has certainly gone up in my estimation."

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