Boxing and Music: Floyd Mayweather Jr's 50 Cent Secret
By Johnny Benz (Feb 8, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Fans in Grand Rapids Michigan are in for a suprise treat this weekend as Floyd Mayweather Jr. is bringing his good friend, rap star 50 Cent to preform. 50 Cent will perform live, though Mayweather is keeping things under wrap, not saying when or where the performance will be.

Mayweather who is promoting an all weekend long event to show appreciation for his hometown, has a hip-hop contest tonight and on Saturday, a celebrity basketball challenge. Then on Sunday', Cedric the Entertainer
show. At one of these events, 50 Cent will perform.

Quoted in the Grand Rapids Press, the idea of keeping the show's venue a secret, Mayweather Jr. stated: "That's mine, I did that."

As for when the location of the 50 Cent concert will be announced, Mayweather Jr. stated: "That's the surprise."

With Mayweather Jr. keeping things a secret, it should pump up ticket sales to all three events.

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