Prince Naseem Hamed speaks on Amir Khan; He's Not Convinced - Boxing
By Johnny Benz (Feb 17, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
According to a report by Harry Pratt, published in the Daily Star Uk, Prince Naseem Hamed would love Amir Khan to take his crown as Britain’s youngest-ever boxing world champ. However, Hamed fears that with only six months left for Khan to conquer the lightweight division, time is running out. Khan has until end of July if he is to break Hamed's record. Hamed was 21 when he won his first world title.

Quoted by the Daily Star, Hamed stated: “Of course, this kid is the real deal. I love the kid, he’s a nice lad, he’s a
sharp lad."

Hamed also stated he was backing Khan to not only beat his record, but go all the way and be world champ. “I’m backing him all the way – to do it all and be a world champion," said Hamed.

Although Hamed is backing Khan, he is not convinced that Khan has enough time left to beat his record. Quoted by the publication, Hamed said: “I want him to smash all the records and do everything in the sport – yes, even if that means him beating my record as the youngest British world champion. But I’m not sure he’s going to be able to do that in the time he has."

Hamed is also not convinced that Khan can compete with the world's best at this time.

‘‘I don’t think he’s at a level yet where you can throw him in against the world’s best. He’s got youth on his side. And he
is showing us at this minute that he has everthing needed to one day possibly become a champion of the world.”

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