Floyd Mayweather Jr speaks on Important Boxing Award he is receiving
By Johnny Benz (Feb 19, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Boxing's pound for pound King, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will receive an important award today. Mayweather Jr. is set to be be named 2007 Fighter of the Year by the Boxing Writers Association of America.

Quoted by the Grand Rapids Press, Mayweather Jr.stated: "I've given my whole life to this sport, to finally make it to this stage."

Mayweather added: "With all due respect to the great fighters throughout history, I believe I am one of them, and I want to be considered one of them. I think this award shows people are finally recognizing my ability. They're recognizing that I'm versatile, and can win fights in so many ways."

The BWAA honor will be awarded to Mayweather Jr. at banquet scheduled for May 1 in Los Angeles.

Rounding out 2007, Floyd Mayweather knocked out Ricky Hatton and earned himself a split-decision over Oscar De La Hoya in May.

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