Bernard Hopkins spews more stupidity at Joe Calzaghe - Boxing
By Johnny Benz (Feb 20, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Ahead of his clash with on April 19th against Joe Calzaghe, Bernard Hopkins has once again lent his tongue to words of stupidity. According to a report out by the BBC, Hopkins has warned Calzaghe that he "better be willing to die."

The BBC further reports that Hopkins repeatedly said the phrase to Calzaghe when the two men met face to face following a press conference on Tuesday.

"I feel in an executioner mood," said Hopkins, adding: "I am going to punish him and punish him slowly."

Calzaghe doesn't seem the least bit phase by Hopkins and his latest tirade.

Quoted by the BBC, Calzaghe simply stated: "He can be the bad guy now but I'm going to be the bad guy come 19 April."

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