Ricky Hatton speaks on Junior Witter - Boxing
By Johnny Benz (Feb 22, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Ricky Hatton is not the least bit interest in fighting Junior Witter and has revealed that Witter is not even on his four-man wish-list for his 'homecoming' fight that is scheduled for later this year.

According to reports in the media, Hatton has compiled the names of Ricardo Torres, Herman Ngoudjo, Kendall Holt or Juan Lazcano all as next possible opponents

Quoted in the media, Hatton stated: "Although you can never say never, he (Witter) is not in my immediate plans." Hatton added: "There are four or five opponents in the pipeline."

In regards to when fans should expect his next fight to be official, Hatton said: "They should be announcing it by the end of next week and that is good news for me."

Hatton isn't ruling out a fight with Witter, saying: "I will fight Junior Witter when I want to."

"I'm not saying I won't fight him. You can never say never but I will fight him when I choose to."

Hatton doesn't feel Witter's credentials are good enough yet.

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