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By Johnny Benz (Feb 22, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Highly regarded trainer Emanuel Steward is excited about his fighter Wladimir Klitschko's unification Heavyweight Title bout this Saturday against Sultan Ibragminov. Although the famous trainer is confident in his fighter, he is not at all looking past Ibragimov.

Steward is confident in Klitschko, stating recently to the press that Klitschko would be a threat in the Heavyweight Division in any era. "He would be a big threat to a heavyweight of any era," said Steward, adding: "But
different than any tall fighters I ever worked with."

Steward compared Klitschko to to an ex-pupil of his, Lennox Lewis. Steward and Lennox were part of the last Heavyweight Unification bout nine years ago. Lennox faced and defeated Evander Holyfield to become the true undisputed Champion of the World.

"I'm excited about being involved in a unification again," said Stewart, adding: "(But) I find Ibragimov to be a much bigger threat to Wladimir than I thought Holyfield would be to Lennox Lewis."

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