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By Johnny Benz (Feb 22, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
This weekend trainer Jeff Mayweather takes his fighter Sultan Ibragimov into the ring to face off against Wladimir Klitschko in a Heavyweight Title Unification bout. Mayweather is making a solid name for himself in a business that often has been clouded by his family's in-fighting that has played out often under the glaring eye of the media.

In a recent interview with Kevin Iole of, Mayweather admitted he cringes whenever sees the words “Mayweather” and “dysfunctional” in the same sentence. Mayweather says the stories tear at the heart of his
mother, Bernice, and has caused him many sleepless nights.

“You see those headlines, but sometimes people forget there are real live human beings behind those names,” said Mayweather. “It’s been a tough thing for the family. I’m not blaming any writers for it, because it’s a story and it’s my brothers or my nephew who are doing the talking.

Mayweather went on to express further how hard it has been on his family and wishes it would go away. Quoted on, Mayweather stated: “But that kind of stuff really is hard on our family. I love this business, but that part of it is something I could do without."

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