Evander Holyfield considering a Boxing rematch with Mike Tyson
By Johnny Benz (Feb 28, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
There has been recent rumblings in the Boxing world that Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson could fight for a third time. Now in an exclusive interview with the Guardian's Donald McRae, Holyfield has admitted that Tyson indeed approached him, through an intermediary, to discuss the possibility of a rematch.

"There has been some talk between us," Holyfield stated, adding: "Mike had Jeff Fenech, who's been training him, call me a few months ago."

Holyfield went on to add that if the money was right and if Tyson dedicated himself to the fight, he would probably fight Tyson again.

Holyfield stated: "Jeff says Mike wants to fight me again - but he needs to know if I would agree to it. I said, 'It all depends on what they gonna give us - because I'm gonna catch a lot of flak if I say I'm fighting Mike Tyson again. I've already said I don't want to fight Mike no more'. Jeff says, 'What if Mike gets in proper shape?' I told him that's OK but I can't be part of it if Mike's going to pull out. "

"Jeff said, 'The main thing Mike wants to know is if you would be willing to fight him again?' I said, 'Yeah, if the price is right, I probably would'."

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Donald McRae, Guardian.

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