Massive Pay Per View numbers released for Mayweather vs Hatton
By Johnny Benz (Dec 17, 2007) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)  
The Pay Per View numbers for Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Ricky Hatton have been made public and the end result is a huge success. According to HBO PPV's Mark Taffet, the fight which took place on Dec. 8 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas garnered an outstanding 850,000 domestic pay-per-view buys, which raked in $47 million in television revenue.

Mark Taffet stated: "Mayweather-Hatton was one of boxing's most memorable nights of the past
decade and was the perfect ending to a resurgent year for the sport.""

Taffet added "Also, in becoming the highest-grossing PPV fight ever in which neither a heavyweight nor a Latino superstar was featured, Mayweather-Hatton blazed a new trail, which opens new doors and bodes very well for the future."

Taffet said the fight helped HBO to a record-breaking year for PPV.

With eight boxing events this year selling 4.8 million units and generated $255 million, shattering the old record that stands from 1999, which garnered 4 million buys for a sum of $200 million.

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