Bullsh!t, Manny Pacquiao isn't showing signs of Parkinson's Disease

Bullsh!t, Manny Pacquiao isn't showing signs of Parkinson's Disease
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 4, 2013) Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing)

Manny Pacquiao punches Juan Manuel Marquez
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. Look, I would take it seriously if I honestly felt Manny Pacquiao was showing signs of Parkinson's disease. Some Doctor from the Philippines is making waves claiming he believes Pacquiao is showing signs of Parkinson's disease.  Now, this is just his opinion, and from what I've read thus far, I am not even sure this Doctor has checked out Pacquiao in person. From what I've read, and correct me if I am wrong, Dr Rustico Jimenez is only speculating with his assessment, and if he had checked out Pacquiao in person for a proper diagnosis, he'd be under strict Patient / Doctor confidentiality. So basically, it seems it is just the opinion of a neurologist, and I am assuming he came to this conclusion watching video of Pacquiao in interviews and appearances and such.

Here is how I feel.  Here are my assumptions going by what I've seen of Pacquiao.  Now keep in mind, I am not a doctor (obviously), but I've seen Parkinson's disease up close and personal.

Question, does Manny Pacquiao slur or stutter?  For a guy learning English, he doesn't stutter that much at all and you'd expect some stuttering when trying to speak a tongue other than Filipino. If you watch him talk in his native tongue, he speaks smoothly and without pause. I can't understand Filipino, but I can still figure out when a guy is stuttering and pausing in whatever dialect he is speaking. Pacquiao does none of this.

Does Pacquiao's hands shake?  I've never seen it.  I've seen him grab microphones and sing, and I've never seen him shaking. I've seen him sign autographs, and I've never seen his hand showing signs of tremors.  

Sometime when I have too much coffee, I shake... does that mean early signs of Parkinson's disease?  Hell NO!...it's called the caffeine jitters.  And speaking of jitters... And I'll tell you this much, you put me in front of a camera where there are millions and millions of People watching.... I'd be shaking nervously like a virgin visiting a whorehouse for the first time... yet Pacquiao always seems relaxed in front to the TV cameras.

Even in his recent outing, the devastating KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez... Pacquiao quickly regained himself and talked in front of the TV cameras. He was not shaking then.... and if ever there was a time he could understandably look to be on shaky legs... it was that night.  But like I said, he showed no signs of being knocked out, he was not trembling in the post fight interviews, he was talking clearly for a guy self taught in English and he walked like a man who needed no help standing on his feet. If he had early signs of Parkinson's disease, we would have seen it that night, instead we saw Pacquiao regain his composure quickly and walk away on solid ground.

Manny Pacquiao showing signs of early Parkinson's disease?! All I say to that is Bullsh!t.

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