Oscar De La Hoya posts Tacky Golf Photo & Doug Fischer pulls a Brown Hole in One
Oscar De La Hoya posts Tacky Golf Photo & Doug Fischer pulls a Brown Hole in One
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (July 22, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Vicente Escobedo (Rear) - Adrien Broner (Front)
Vicente Escobedo (Rear) - Adrien Broner (Front)
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. - Stop the presses!  In a recent twitter update, Oscar De La Hoya posted a new photo of himself all decked out in golf wear on some golf course.  Aside from what I consider is silly clothes (those pants in my honest opinion are tacky and dreadful and that Hat has to go!), I thought De La Hoya looks rather slim and healthy.  The best he has looked in recent times to be honest (just not the clothes though).

So can anyone blame him? Trading the boxing gloves for a set of golf clubs?  Hell no... Golf is literally a walk in the park compared to Boxing.

Really, I just put this piece together to show an update on how De La Hoya looks these days in his casual everyday life (whatever casual is for Senior Golden Money-Bags.)  But hell no, I can't let the poor taste in clothes slide. Besides, he posted it... he must be proud of it.  But yuck on the clothes.... he needs better taste.  I understand golf attire has always been geeky... but are those 1970's disco pants?  Hey look, I don't work for Oscar De La Hoya... So I'll call it as I see it. :)

Doug Fischer who does work as a writer for De La Hoya's Ring Magazine... he rang in on twitter with his views... a mere two minutes after De La Hoya posted his Golf pic, Fisher tweeted: "@OscarDeLaHoya Nice pic, Champ. You've evolved from a prize fighter to a man at peace w/ himself."

Wow Dougie!  How did that taste!?! Talk about kissing the Hole in One :)  It's the green hole, not the brown hole you should be swinging for :) Just ribbing Dougie... he actually is a very talented journalist who is easily one of the best boxing scribes on the planet. I really mean that, and most everyone would agree with me. (I just couldn't resist a little fun at his expense.)

In closing to Oscar... never post Golf pics!  Especially Golden pants!  You may be the Golden Boy... but Golden pants....tacky! If you think you look great in that photo... I am hear to honestly tell you that you don't.

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