Lennox Lewis Interview
Lennox Lewis Interview
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (July 23, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Lennox Lewis)
Lennox Lewis
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. - In some recent tweet updates on Lennox Lewis' official twitter page, the retired Boxing champ answered an assortment of questions asked to him by his followers.  I've compiled some of the questions and answers by Lewis below. 

All the following questions were posted to Lennox Lewis on his official twitter page.  Enjoy!

@joeirish1971 asks:  "who was the best boxer ever (as in skill) and the best fighter ever?

Lennox's answer: "Sugar Ray Robinson."

@Chrisanderson88 asks:  "what do you think about retired boxers getting back into the ring?"

Lennox's answer:
"Bad idea".

“@juangonzalvez: "Apart from boxing what other olympic (sic) sport u looking foward (sic) to champ?"

Lennox's answer:
"Track & field, swimming, hoops, hockey & gymnastics."

@NWdirtman: "Hey champ, did you ever play any other sports other than the 'sweet science?"

Lennox's answer:
"football , basketball and tennis."

“@kempy80: "If you wasn't a boxer what profession would you be in?”

Lennox's answer:

@JustKelleMarie: "Is there one particular song that you would listen to before going into the ring or train to?"

Lennox's answer:
"Ready FI War by @Chipfu"

@dermy09 makes a statement: Haseem (sic...Hasim) Rahman put you asleep"

Lennox responds:
"I've been knocked down.. Never put to sleep."

@InsideLFC asks: "Hey Lennox what do u still wish or dream for?"

Lennox's answer:
A West Ham Championship

Lennox Lewis ended his twitter interview with: "Ok twitter its been fun. It's late. Take care and be safe. Bless!"

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