Manny Pacquiao finally posts new message to Boxing Fans... & it's Bullsquirt Again!
Manny Pacquiao finally posts new message to Boxing Fans... & it's Bullsquirt Again!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (July 24, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Manny Pacquiao selling perfume
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. - Recently I wrote an article complaining about how lame Manny Pacquiao's official twitter page is.  Basically my argument was that Pacman rudely ignores his twitter followers... unless it's to pimp a product. 

Just a few days ago, I wrote that "Pacquiao rarely updates his feed and when he does, often times it's just an advertisement. For example, his last tweet posted weeks ago was nothing more than a message to pump / advertise NIKE (athletic wear company)."  The article was titled: "Manny Pacquiao's Twitter Page Sucks! C'mon Pacman... Try Being Real!" (A link to the article can be found at the bottom of this page.)

Well weeks have passed and Pacquiao has finally (bless his little heart) taken the simple time to update his twitter page... and guess what?  Yep, another damn advertisement.  This time, Pacquiao is urging me and his twitter followers to buy his perfume.

Pacquaio took to his twitter account and finally updated it by posting: "Let everyone know you're a champ with my fragrance available at "

I can't make this sh!t up even if I tried. In Pacquiao's newest twitter update (since his last update when he advertised Nike a few weeks back) is asking people to buy his fragrance. A small bottle of this stuff that promises you'll smell like Pacquiao, cost $34 to $46. Oh, and it comes with his signature press stamped on the box... but being sold as an autograph.

What, are we all made out of money? I am working my ass off for a living, and I am not buying athletic wear or fragrances just because Pacquiao has nothing better to say to me than BUY THIS.  Hell I am not even sure I am going to be buying Pacquiao's next fight, let alone the garbage he is trying to sell me.  Doesn't Pacman have enough money already... that he doesn't need to resort to peddling product like some Avon Lady?! Pacman has made a lot of money off me (and you I am sure) and for a reward, he posts twitter messages bascially asking me to buy more from him.  Wow, what a salesman... whatever happened to the Boxer?!

Perfume!  A damn fragrance.  With 626,204 followers... the only twitter updates we are getting in recent times are lame advertisements from Pacquiao.  No real updates, nothing for fans to enjoy reading and learn about Pacquiao. Just ads! Is that what we fans are....just people to pick the pockets of?  Are we nothing more than $$$ symbols to Pacquiao?  Where's the respect and love for the fan!? Like we can't think for thank the good Lord above Pacquiao is trying to sell us crap none of us need.  To me, it's just plain rude and ignorant and shows me just how out of touch Pacquiao (a poor kid from the streets) is these days.  I think he forgot yesterday and I think he is forgetting what the true worth of the fan is with these lame kinds of updates on his twtter page. Is he the people's champ or just a shallow Billboard?


Why the hell would I buy a fragrance named after Pacquiao? Seriously, what kind of a geek would I be, or any of us, if we went around telling people "I'm a champ, because I use Manny Pacquiao's fragrance."  Yeah, like I am going to tell some woman that I am trying to impress, that the cologne I wear is from Manny Pacquiao and that makes me a champ.  What a little insignificant man that would make me.  What kind of Bonnie-foo-foo would I be going around wearing a fragrance named after another man!? Certainly not me. And what kind of man sells Fragrances anyway... let alone needs one named after themselves!? (Who does Pacquiao think he is anyway... Elizabeth Taylor!?)


Look, I an not saying Pacquiao shouldn't advertise his crap to people...but give the fans more updates than just tweets pumping products for sale.  Does he really believe that his over 600,000 twitter followers only want and deserve advertisement updates?  How fair is that?!

Pacquiao needs to start using his twitter page like everyone else does, and give the fans something more than just the next sale item.

* Read what I wrote a few days ago: Manny Pacquiao's Twitter Page Sucks! C'mon Pacman... Try Being Real!

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