No Boxing for Pacquiao? Pacman speaks on what he'd be doing

No Boxing for Pacquiao? Pacman speaks on what he'd be doing
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 25, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)

Manny Pacquiao
I enjoy reading about Manny Pacquiao's roots.  He is an underdog story from birth.  He lived roughly, poorly and often on the streets of the Philippines, and had nothing except for the love of his family and his will to learn boxing. As you can imagine, he was often hungry.  Luckily for him, it all played out nicely.  He is now one of sports highest paid athletes and his fame is pretty much second to none.  One must wonder, if it wasn't for Boxing, where the hell would Pacquiao be today?

Recently on ESPN, when asked if If he wasn't in boxing, what would you he doing?  Pacquiao stated he'd be a farmer.

When asked what he'd be doing if it wasn't for Boxing, Pacquiao stated: "Farming. Seriously. I would be out in the fields farming. I would work the fields, rice fields."

No shame in that.  Farming is by far the most important job in the world.  We all need food!  Wall Street we do not need, but Farm Street should be the most important industry we protect. 

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