50 Cent on Ricky Hatton outdoing Mike Tyson - 50 wants to sign Hitman? Paul Spadafora getting Sued

50 Cent on Ricky Hatton outdoing Mike Tyson - 50 wants to sign Hitman? Paul Spadafora getting Sued
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 26, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

50 Cent on Ricky Hatton, Mike Tyson and England trip.
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. Recently it was reported that Ricky Hatton had broken a record with 18,000 boxing tickets being sold for his comeback at the Manchester Arena in a mere 48hrs after hitting the market.  The amount of tickets sold, beat all previous boxing ticket sales records at the Manchester Arena... outstripping names like Mike Tyson and David Haye.  In a recent tweet from new Boxing Promoter and rap star 50 Cent, he was amazed at Hatton's sell out performance and stated he was on his way to England.

50 Cent tweeted: "The return of Ricky hatton SOLD OUT in 48 hours. Damn thats bigger then Tyson I'm on my way to England." A screen shot of the tweet can be found on this page.

50 Cent on his way to England? (Not sure about that, but...)  Something tells me that 50 Cent would love to sign Ricky Hatton to his promotional company. 

Paulie Spadafora being Sued...

Paul Spadafora is being sued by ex-manager, Al McCauley. The lawsuit filed against Spadafora is over unpaid service fees from his last fight as well as trying to enforce an extended fight contract that McCauley claims is still valid. Spadafora's lawyer has hit back and reportedly told the media that basically the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission refused to do anything with McCauley's claims, so McCauley is now trying to get an Allegheny County Judge to do something about it.

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