Lennox Lewis on Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard & Rihanna

Lennox Lewis on Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard & Rihanna
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 29, 2012)

Lennox Lewis Tweets
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. I enjoy twitter.  I've said that often.  In a few short words, you can get a good laugh and information from some of the greatest legends of boxing. It wasn't too long ago that this was not the case... almost overnight twitter changed all that.  One retired fighter I enjoy reading through his twitter page is Lennox Lewis.  Today In two quick tweets, I got a good laugh from one, and some rather interesting boxing related info from the other.

As a boxing fan, I guess it's kind of cool to know that this weekend Lewis will be hanging out with other boxers such as Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard and Oscar De La Hoya.

Lewis tweeted: "Looking forward 2seeing &others @ the event n Vegas this weekend."

Now for the humor I got from a tweet. Who would you rather listen too, the talented and beautiful music star, Rihanna, or retired champ Lennox Lewis? No brainer, right? Well, A fan (Bless their little heart) tweeted to Lewis: “: I would rather listen 2 rihanna anyday rather than Lennox Lewis!"

Lewis tweeted back: "me too!"

It's funny, not just for the response Lewis gave... but that some fan would take the time of day to post something like that. What can I say... funny stuff happens because the Internet is a Stage and all of us are the Performers.

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