Manny Pacquiao has new Promise for Freddie Roach, & Floyd Mayweather tweets the same Sh!t!

Manny Pacquiao has new Promise for Freddie Roach, & Floyd Mayweather tweets the same Sh!t!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 10, 2012)

Manny Pacquiao tweets promise
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing.To my delight, and I am sure for others as well, recently Manny Pacquiao has picked up the pace on his twitter page to stay in touch with fans.  It couldn't come at a better time for me, as I am really getting bored of the rather sh!t updates Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. has been giving his followers in recent time.  No hate for Mayweather, but there is only so much I can handle from bragging about the parties he attends, boasting about his gambling winnings and his over use of trying to advertise a gambling (poker) app for Ipods / Ipads.  Plus I get turned off when Mayweather posts messages (or retweets) that he is the all time greatest in boxing. (No one can be the all time greatest when they only fight once a year).

In a recent tweet to his fans, Manny Pacquiao made a promise to his trainer Freddie Roach.  That message... he will return to his winning ways when he he faces Juan Manuel Marquez for a fourth time on Dec 8.

Pacquiao tweeted: "I promise Master that the winning streak will resume on Dec. 8. "

It doesn't take much to make me happy on twitter, but I do love it when a fighter talks like a Champion, as evident in Pacquiao's latest tweet.  I truly hope he keeps it up.

As I said before, I have no hatred towards Mayweather, he is one of my favorite boxers to watch (when he is active), but his twitter page has really turned into sh!t in recent times.  I feel he is out of touch with his fan base...especially his biggest base of support, the Boxing fans. But considering that Mayweather doesn't do interviews with major Boxing websites that I know of... it's part of the trend of Mayweather ignoring his fan base. But then again, I am sure Mayweather knows better than all, and constructive criticism from me is not needed as he plays his next round of poker.

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