Manny Pacquiao break a record over Floyd Mayweather Jr's Ass?
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Oct 26, 2008) (Photo © Chris Farina/TOP Rank)  
As December 6, the date set aside for Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao quickly approaches, many are wondering if this fight has what it takes to dethrone Floyd Mayweather Jr's 2.4 million buys he set with De La Hoya last year. 2.4 million buys is now the gold standard.

So can Pacquiao's "Dream Match" with De La Hoya out do those numbers? It's hard to say. There are many factors in this year's economy that were certainly different from 2007. It's often said that in times
of recession, recreational items such as concerts and sporting events are the first to get hit. The Global market is in turmoil these days, financial markets everywhere are taking a plunge and come Christmas time, many people might be reluctant to part with their cash on items such as Pay-Per-View.

Another factor, Pacquiao is popular as hell...but can we, or should we expect that Filipino people in the Philippines to have to fork over as much cash as the fans do in America for this Pay-Per-View? I personally do not think it would be fair to charge them the same price... as the average wage in the Philippines, I am sure is a lower. I am not sure what the prices will be for them in their country, but if the price is outrageous, it will reflect the over all numbers. However with 90 million plus people living in the Philippines, and each one of them knows how to spell "Pacquiao"... yeah this fight could easily over take Mayweather's run at De La Hoya.

Don't get me wrong, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was and is as popular as they get in America. His impressive skills and exciting fights have made Mayweather Jr. filthy rich and bloody famous. Although Pacquiao is not American... he has truly made a massive name for himself on America soil. Coupled with his American Trainer, Freddie Roach, Americans have made Pacquiao one of their own.

So what Pacquiao has going for himself aside from his awesome career, is not only a huge (as biggest they get) following in America, he also has the loyal and impressive following of fans living in the Philippines. Shit do the math!

Final verdict:

I strongly believe Pacquiao can out do Mayweather Jr's clash with De La Hoya. The economy might be the only factor that can slow down Pay-Per-View numbers.... but even in the dirty 30's (the global crisis of the 1930s), people used entertainment to escape their hardships. I personally can't think of a better way to escape than an evening of boxing watching Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao.

De La Hoya is simply amazing. His fans are so loyal, they always come out for his fights. So we are pretty much guaranteed every fan of De La Hoya's who tuned in for his fight last year with Mayweather Jr., will tune in on December 6th. So add De La Hoya in the ring with another power broker in Pacquiao... and it has all the ingredients to out bake Mayweather Jr. What pushes it over the top? The Filipino connection. 90 million screaming fans who bleed nothing but Pacquiao. A Nation full of Pacquiao nuts....and proud of it!

Yes, I believe Pacquiao can break the Pay-Per-View record over Mayweather Jr's ass.

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