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By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Oct 29, 2008)  
Thank-you. Thank-you Bernard Hopkins, and Thank-you Bernard Fernandez. I thank you both for what I read in Fernandez's column at (For anyone interested, I've provided a link at the bottom of this article, linking the article.)

With the end of the year quickly approaching, may I say, that was the Article of the Year for me. It was not only touching, it was inspiring. It was sad story, but it brought joy, because it showed people
reaching out to one another for inspiration, helping one another, in ways that exemplifies the best in human beings. It showed the best side humans can offer... and it showed me a side of Hopkins that I truly admire.

Fernandez wrote in his column about Shaun Negler, a young man who passed away in his sleep last Thursday. Shaun truly was Hopkins' biggest fan. He lived for months longer than Doctors said he would and in doing so managed to watch his hero defeat Kelly Pavlik.

It was a touching article, and I thank Bernard Fernandez for writing it. With a million topics to write about in regards to Hopkins, Fernandez went a different angle. A very touching story. I hope other boxers read and learn from it. I hope every fan reads it. I hope everyone who hates boxing, reads it... and I hope everyone who loves Boxing reads it as well. Also hope every scribe reads it too. There is a deep lesson and equally deep reminders for all of us.

If it was up to me, Hopkins should be Boxer of the Year. The article by Fernandez should be article of The Year... and Fan of the Year.... no question... that belongs to Shaun Negler.

At the beginning of this article I thanked both Bernards.... but I really want to say Thank you Shaun.

Please click this link to Fernandez's article:
Hopkins' biggest fan gets final wish before succumbing to cancer.
Please pass it on to everyone you know.

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