Money or Manny Pacquiao? Floyd Mayweather Jr's real reason to Return to Boxing
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Oct 30, 2008) (Photo © Teddy Blackburn)  
Will it be money problems, as Oscar De La Hoya has hinted, or Manny Pacquiao that will sway former Pound for Pound King, Floyd Mayweather Jr. back to the ring? The answer is simple... it won't be money, it will be a chance at a fight with someone like Pacquiao.

Why won't it be money? Simple, really. Does anyone of us truly believe that when Mayweather Jr. announced his retirement that it would be permanent? Of course not. You knew then as you know now,
Mayweather Jr will not stay retired.

So even if Mayweather Jr. has lost a lot of money in the stocks (who hasn't these days?)... money was never the main reason Mayweather Jr would step out of retirement and back in to the ring.

Sure, Mayweather Jr loves money...who doesn't? And a great motivation would be a big money fight, such as a fight with Pacquiao.

Bottom line... Mayweather Jr was never going to stay retired for good. We all know that. If he does have money issues... fine... but it won't be the reason he comes back. He was coming back no matter what.

A guy like Mayweather Jr. needs motivation. If Pacquiao does mange to defeat the skillful De La Hoya when they face off on December 6th... there will be no greater motivation for Mayweather Jr. to return than a fight with Pacquiao. It would be a Battle of the Kings... for the right to be called the "Pound for Pound King."

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