Roy Jones Jr Disses Bernard Hopkins
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Oct 30, 2008)  
Roy Jones Jr. is deep in training for his November 8th fight against Joe Calzaghe, but that hasn't stopped Jones Jr. from being vocal about another fighter, Bernard Hopkins. Recently quoted on SportingLife, Jones Jr. ripped into Hopkins.

Jones Jr. blasted Hopkins for not being entertaining enough and also blasted Hopkins for not being able to carry his fight with Pavlik on Pay-Per-View. Quoted by the publication, Jones Jr. stated: "I am
an entertainer. People like to watch me fight. If I'd fought Kelly Pavlik two weeks ago It would have been a pay-per-view fight and in twice as many homes. With Hopkins and Pavlik you were going to get a regular old fight. Bernard looked good and shut him out but anyone can do that. Who can go out and entertain while they shut someone out? Only Roy Jones Jr."

Jones Jr. didn't stop there. He went on to diss Hopkins further for not being able to sell his fight with Calzaghe as a Pay-Per-View. Jones Jr. stated: "That's why Roy Jones Jr v Joe Calzaghe is pay-per-view and Bernard Hopkins v Joe Calzaghe wasn't. I will give people something to talk about the next day."

You got to love it when Jones Jr. opens his mouth. He certainly is exciting.

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