Oscar De La Hoya's Surprise: Floyd Mayweather Jr coming out of Retirement to Face winner of Pacquiao vs De la Hoya?
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Oct 30, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
Ok, so I have another prediction on Oscar De La Hoya's surprise announcement. The announcement is set to come off some time today and we will be covering it here at DoghouseBoxing.

If it's a surprise...then it should be big, right? I mean, if it's something small and De La Hoya's team is saying it's a big surprise... then it better be a big surprise. I hate surprises and this one has me thinking over time.

Here is my latest prediction: De La Hoya will be announcing that Floyd Mayweather Jr is coming out of retirement and will be ringside for De La Hoya vs Pacquiao on December 6th in anticipation of facing off against the winner.

That's the only big surprise I can come up with that I think would be worthy of calling an international press conference for.

Well, soon we will see how right, or just how terribly wrong I am.

Stay tuned to Doghouse Boxing

Update: So I was wrong... and the Big News is (if you want to call it big news)
Click Link: Oscar De La Hoya Speaks - Big Boxing Announcement made Public BN

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