It's Official! Its Game Over for Manny Pacquiao!
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Oct 31, 2008)  
Ok, it's now official! With Angelo Dundee joining Oscar De La Hoya's training camp... It's game over for Manny Pacquiao... Not! Two days ago De La Hoya's camp put out word they had a special surprise announcement in regards to someone joining their team ahead the December 6th clash with Pacquiao.

I made a few predictions. I thought maybe Juan Manuel Marquez or maybe even Floyd Mayweather Jr. who might be joining in some capacity. I was wrong on both accounts.

Does anyone really think Angelo Dundee in De La Hoya's camp will make a lick of a difference? I certainly don't. And no offense to the great Angelo Dundee... but this announcement from De La Hoya is hardly awe inspiring.

Bringing Dundee into camp will do nothing for De La Hoya. In fact, I think its kind of silly. De La Hoya has an excellent trainer in Nacho Beristain.... why the need for Dundee as well?

I was hoping for a real surprise announcement from team De La Hoya. I was expecting something that could actually change the landscape of the fight. I guess I shouldn't have held my breath.

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