Manny Pacquiao thanks 2 Boxing Scribes

Manny Pacquiao thanks 2 Boxing Scribes
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 1, 2012)

Manny Pacquiao thanks Kevin Iole and Jon Saraceno
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. In recent tweets straight from his official twitter page, Manny Pacquiao took the time out to thank two boxing scribes for recent articles written about him. Pacquiao thanked Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports and Jon Saraceno of USA Today.

Followers of Doghouse Boxing would have seen these two articles listed in our news wire, and you can find them linked below in Pacquiao's tweets.

In one tweet, Pacquiao posted: "Thank you, , for your story on me on @YahooSports. . Come to Wild Card and train with me. #PacMarquez."

In another tweet, Pacquiao posted: " Thank you, , for your story on me in today's @USAToday. "

Yeah, I am a little jealous. I've written a lot on Pacquiao and never gotten so much as a retweet from the Pacman. Where is my love?! I will need to cry myself to sleep tonight. LOL, of course I am kidding. I think it is pretty damn cool of Pacquiao to take some time out and give props to some writers. Usually the only time we hear from a boxer on a writer is to complain. But us scribes work hard to put fans in the seats and are often the unsung heroes who help the sport. I enjoyed seeing Pacquiao showing some appreciation.

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