50 Cent dumps Floyd Mayweather, Disses the Money team, Hints Cash problems for Floyd

50 Cent dumps Floyd Mayweather, Disses the Money team, Hints Cash problems for Floyd
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 2, 2012)

50 Cent on Floyd Mayweather Jr. - Money Team
Those who might still be wondering if Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. and 50 Cent are still an item in terms of boxing promotional partners with "The Money Team" (TMT Promotions)... don't wonder anymore.  In some recent tweets on 50 Cent's official twitter page, the Rapper and Boxing promoter made it pretty clear he has nothing to do with the Money Team. Let me tell you, these tweets get a little personal for sure, and strongly hint / suggest that Mayweather maybe having some money problems.  Read on...

In one tweet, 50 posted: "TMT IS OVER the money team is no longer a team. So it SMS promotions that's it thats all."

If anyone wonders if this also means the end of 50 Cent being a Boxing promoter... that is not the case.  50 went on to tweet about some of his upcoming shows.

50 tweeted: "Catch IBF CHAMPION BILL DIBB VS. JASON VELEZ DEC.1 Cotto's card lets go New York!!! Don't miss it" and: "promotions Yuriorkis GAMBOA VS. Miguel Beltran on manny pacquiao card VS. Jaun marquez don't miss it."

If anyone wonders if 50 Cent and Mayweather are on cool terms... I'll say this much... it doesn't sound as if 50 is down with Mayweather. 50 tweeted: "I'm no longer apart or down with TMT promotions."  Sounds like a split...but if you needed some further dissing from 50 to make up your mind, 50 also tweeted: "If anyone wants a money team jacket I'm selling mine for a dollar. The nap back hat comes with it. That's a fare price."  And if that isn't enough, sounds like Mayweather may have some "money" issues as 50 hinted at that by tweeting: "I move the fighters to SMSpromotion cause the other half of the money team .Didnt put up there $MONEY$."

So, anything left to wonder?

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