Joe Calzaghe on why its important to defeat Roy Jones Jr
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Nov 2, 2008)  
When Joe Calzaghe takes on Roy Jones Jr. next Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York, he will do so with the focus on keeping his undefeated record intact. With a victory over Jones Jr., Calzaghe would extend his undefeated record to 46 fights.

Quoted recently by the Daily UK, Calzaghe discusses why it was important for him to defeat Jones Jr., stating: “I just want to go in and win this fight. It’s important for me to end at the top. Hardly any fighter
has managed to do that. To be undefeated for 46 fights would be amazing."

As long as Calzaghe brings his best to the table on fight night, he feels there is no way Jones Jr can defeat him. "I’m not really concerned with what Roy Jones brings to the table. If I bring my ‘A’ game, then it’s all over," Said Calzaghe, adding: "There’s absolutely no way I’m going to lose this fight."

Tune into HBO on Saturday November 8th to catch Calzaghe take on Jones Jr. live on Pay-Per-View. It's a fight you won't want to miss.

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