Floyd Mayweather Disses 50 Cent in new Message with Bitch Slap Photo

Floyd Mayweather Disses 50 Cent in new Message with Bitch Slap Photo
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 3, 2012)

Floyd Mayweather disses 50 Cent
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. If your read my recent article on rapper and Boxing promoter, 50 Cent dissing and dropping his affiliation with Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. and The Money Team, then you'll understand how this freshly posted response (seen on this page in a tweet with photo) from "Money" Mayweather came to be. Below is a link to the tweets 50 Cent launched that got this whole big ball rolling like that great scene from Indiana Jones.

Until now, Floyd Mayweather Jr. had remained silent, but in a very recent tweet, breaking his silence, Mayweather fired back hard at 50 Cent.

Mayweather dissed 50 Cent with a tweet that came with a photo, stating: "A male boxing groupie.. hold my belts because your album sales have declined."

OUCH! A male boxing groupie! Declining album sales! A Photo in which 50 Cent is looking like Mayweather's personal Butler. Now that my friends is a diss and a half!

It looks like things are heating up in this new war featuring Money vs. Cents. I ain't complaining! I'd be lying if I didn't find all this funny as hell. I know the human factor of two ex-friends feuding... for that I almost feel for them... but I am sensing there is no love lost between the two anyway. And hey, if they want to entertain me with their verbal feuding via twitter and other media... I am all for it... especially when it relates to boxing.

Honestly, 50 Cent started it all off with some nasty tweets (read 50 Cent's tweets directed at Mayweather here: 50 dumps Floyd, Hints at Cash problems), and I totally expected Mayweather to fire some shots back.  You got to admit it, this one from Mayweather (the photo and tweet) is pretty damn funny and certainly insulting if you happen to be 50 Cent. I'd like to see how 50 responds to the latest... I mean after all, that was a serious bitch slap from Mayweather.

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