Roy Jones Jr lays blame on why Joe Calzaghe fight didn't happen sooner
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Nov 3, 2008)  
If you haven't already done so, mark this coming Saturday night down on your Calendar. In a fight that has all the makings for a spectacular night of action, Roy Jones Jr. will take on Joe Calzaghe at Madison Square Garden in New York.

In a recent Interview with Jones Jr., sent to us here at DoghouseBoxing, Jones Jr. discussed many topics, including why a fight with himself and Calzaghe did not come off sooner.

In regards to why this fight was made now and not in the past, Jones Jr. did not lay the blame on himself or Calzaghe, instead Jones Jr. laid the blame on Calzaghe's former Promoter, Frank Warren. Roy Jones Jr stated in regards to the question of why now and not sooner: "Calzaghe was under contract with Frank Warren right? And he is no longer under contract with Frank Warren right? When he got out of the contract, what happened? The fight was suddenly made."

Jones Jr. went on to add more on the matter, further blaming Warren for the fight not coming off sooner. "So what does that tell you? That is was Roy Jones’ problem? No it does not! It would have happened in the past because there would have been no contract I would have had to get out of. I was more free in the past than I was this time but without Frank Warren, the fight got made," said Jones Jr., adding: "So who do you think was the problem? Roy Jones Jr? Noooo. Was it Joe Calzaghe’s problem? No. It was only one problem…and what is the common denominator that is gone right now? Frank Warren."

You can catch Jones Jr. vs Calzaghe this Saturday on HBO-PPV.

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