Boxing Fans reactions to Floyd Mayweather vs. 50 Cent - Read what they're saying...

Boxing Fans reactions to Floyd Mayweather vs. 50 Cent - Read what they're saying...
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 3, 2012)

50 and Floyd Mayweather in happier times
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. By now you've read some of the amazing and crazy banter being spewed back and forth from Floyd Mayweather Jr. and 50 Cent.  The once inseparable best friends have been laying some verbal beatings on each other through a public display on twitter.  If you've missed any of the epic verbal slugging and photos posted over the last 24 hrs, there are tons of links at the bottom of this article to help fill you in on the drama.

So how are Boxing fans reacting to all the bombs being launched at each other in the new "Money" vs. "Cent" war?  Bombs like Mayweather calling 50 Cent a "F@ck Boy" and 50 firing back his own onslaught including calling his former partner broke and who sleeps with hoes! Using our popular boxing forum, the DogPound, I compiled a few thoughts and comments posted by our members. Enjoy! (Remember, these are from Boxing fans and messages posted on the forum... theses comments do not necessarily reflect those of our own here at Doghouse Boxing.)

Thoughts from the Dog Pound on "Money" vs. "Cent":

bazooka writes: "Is this their latest method of creating a buzz? The groupies will eat this type of drama right up."

Boxingfan32 writes: "f@ck boy? lol. I think this is going to get bad. Both guys throwing shots back and forth. I'd love to know what exactly made the whole thing blow up like it has."

Smelodies writes: "Their friendship has been volatile for years.-- Do you really think this feud is going to last forever? I guarantee they'll be friends again just like they were after their last drama."

The_Ikon writes: "SISTERS MANAGING SPORTS :lol: This is gonna get uglier by the day. He (Floyd) called that bitch (50) a groupie!!!! :lol: That really hurt him... you know it did and any rival rapper is going to eat this up."

1hitrquitr writes: "From what I remember reading, 50 cent bitch slapped Floyd a few years back because he got out of hand. 50 crossed the line though and hit him with a low blow "running from Pacquiao."

DePonce writes: "Typical 50, this is how he started his career. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. He must have a new album coming out soon. "I'm about a dollar, WTF is 50 cents" J.... Lol"

jlc80 writes: "I didn't know people still used the term "fuck boy". We used to call this dude that in high school because he used to always go wait in the lunch line and get this other guys milk. :lol: . They should fight for charity. That's the best idea i can think of to make something good out of this whole charade."

Boxingfan32 writes: "there's all kinds of stories about Floyd and he fighting and that Floyd hit him and that he got hit and back and forth.... it's dumb, but it's amusing either way. Here again I will just say... get in the ring, I don't give a shit what they have to say to each other whining like a couple of women on their periods."

Mos-def writes: "perhaps they should fight to the death."

Baltimore Live Home of The Wire writes: "I think 50 has befriended EVERY person he's ever met in his life. Even Eminem and Dre have distanced themselves from him. And, if you're familiar with, 50, then you'll know that if he CAN NOT control you then he can not or benefit from you. Then that automatically make you an enemy."

Ten oz writes: "True love isn't always easy. Broke back mountain showed us that. :sleep: Btw I am not joking."

To read more from the fans, or post your own say on this topic, click here now: DogPound - Mayweather vs. 50 Cent Boxing Fan Thread.

Have you seen the Floyd Mayweather vs. 50 Cent nuclear war? Get caught up on all the photos and dissing that has been going on over the last 24 hrs by checking out these links now:

Latest from 50 Cent (also see last link below for the tweets from 50 Cent that started it all):
1. 50 Cent Disses "Stupid" Floyd - Broke & needs Allowance from Al Haymon
2. Floyd Mayweather spends money on Whores, claims rapper 50 Cent JB

Mayweather fires back:
1. Here is the first message with photo that Mayweather posted:
Floyd Disses 50 Cent in Message w/ Bitch Slap Photo
2. Here is the second message with photo that Mayweather posted:
50 Cent is a "F@CK Boy" says Mayweather
3. Here is the third message with photo that Mayweather posted:
Floyd smacks 50 Cent - "I respect the shooter not the one who got shot"
4. Here is the fourth message with photo that Mayweather posted:
Money tags 50 Cent - "F-ck Boy" who holds on to Mayweather Cash - Photo J. Benz

The tweets that started it all:
Here are the tweets 50 Cent fired off first:
50 Cent dumps Floyd Mayweather, Hints Cash problems

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