TMZ proves "Douchebag" Floyd Mayweather doesn't need Al Haymon for Cash Allowance - Video

TMZ proves "Douchebag" Floyd Mayweather doesn't need Al Haymon for Cash Allowance - Video
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 3, 2012)

By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. The video embedded on this page is recent enough, in that it was shot earlier this year by TMZ before Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. took on Miguel Cotto. The reason I even came across this video now is because of the feud 50 Cent and "Money" Mayweather have been having via twitter.  In case you need to be filled in on the "Money" vs. "Cent" civil war, you can see links below to photos and tweets that both 50 and "Money" have been blasting each other with (some damn colorful stuff, if I do say so myself.) In their very public and heated battle, 50 Cent has has mentioned a few times that Mayweather is having money problems. 50 stated that Floyd's money problems were basically so bad, that he needs to be kept on an allowance from his adviser, Al Haymon. Now I am not sure about that.  Yesterday, Mayweather posted a winning bet on a sports team in which he laid down 1.1 million dollars to win 1 million (see link provided below for that story).

Anyway, I came across this video from TMZ, in which they call Floyd Mayweather a "Douche Bag", but confirm he has loads of money. 

The TMZ video entitled, "Floyd Mayweather Withdrawals TWO MILLION DOLLARS!" has a run time of 1 minute and 19 seconds.  Description: TMZ calls Mayweather a "douchebag" as they show Mayweather taking a break from training for his fight vs. Miguel Cotto to withdrawal TWO MILLION DOLLARS in bills from his bank! TMZ's final assessment.... "Floyd Mayweather is a "douchebag", but has lots of money".

You'll probably find it (the video) humorous, and although Mayweather probably blows more cash than most... it somewhat shows that he can withdraw large sums of money without Al Haymon.  Press play and enjoy.

Have you seen the Floyd Mayweather vs. 50 Cent nuclear war? Get caught up on all the photos and dissing that has been going on over the last 24 hrs by checking out these links now:

Boxing Fans React:
Fan reactions to Mayweather vs. Cent - Read what they're saying...

Latest from 50 Cent (also see last link below for the tweets from 50 Cent that started it all):
1. 50 Cent Disses "Stupid" Floyd - Broke & needs Allowance from Al Haymon
2. Floyd Mayweather spends money on Whores, claims rapper 50 Cent JB

Mayweather fires back:
1. Here is the first message with photo that Mayweather posted:
Floyd Disses 50 Cent in Message w/ Bitch Slap Photo
2. Here is the second message with photo that Mayweather posted:
50 Cent is a "F@CK Boy" says Mayweather
3. Here is the third message with photo that Mayweather posted:
Floyd smacks 50 Cent - "I respect the shooter not the one who got shot"
4. Here is the fourth message with photo that Mayweather posted:
Money tags 50 Cent - "F-ck Boy" who holds on to Mayweather Cash - Photo J. Benz

The tweets that started it all:
Here are the tweets 50 Cent fired off first:
50 Cent dumps Floyd Mayweather, Hints Cash problems

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