Lennox Lewis speaks out on two new Boxing Goals he has
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Nov 5, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
Arguably one of the best heavyweights boxing has ever seen, Lennox Lewis calls many places home. With roots leading back to Jamaica, Canada, Britain and America (Miami, where he now lives), Lewis has never forgotten the places that mean a lot to him.

According to a report published by the Canadian Press, Lewis is hoping to accomplish two goals he has set for Jamaica. Lewis' first goal is to get all sections of Jamaica to represent in the national boxing
championships on an annual basis. Second goal Lewis has set aside is to inspire the young generation of Jamaica to get involved in Boxing.

Quoted in the press, Lewis stated: "At one time there were (pros like) Mike McCallum and Shrimpy Clarke, but then there's like a lost generation. We've got the fastest man, fastest woman in the world. There's no reason why we can't have the best boxer."

In order to achieve his two goals, Lewis plans on working with amateur boxing officials to rebuild the sport's infrastructure.

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