The Next Prince Naseem Hamed of Boxing?
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Nov 5, 2008)  
Who can forget Prince Naseem Hamed. He was spectacular inside the ring and his name carried a lot of weight for those who wanted a big fight and challenge. He brought a lot of attention to boxing with his skills as well as his charisma. Although there was only one Prince, another fighter hopes to copy the legend.

Kell Brook who has a first defense of his Lonsdale belt next Friday against Kevin McIntyre at Glasgow's Hall is promising to be like his hero Naseem Hamed.

Thanks to Hamed, Brook fell in love with the sport. Brook as a kid spent hours watching Hamed train at Brendan Ingle's Gym. Brook quoted by Skysports in regards to his Hero, stated: "Naz was an inspiration when I was a kid, he was the man back then. I remember seeing him on the pads and I was mesmerized. Everyone in the gym wanted to be like him and I copied his style."

Brook is also inspired by fighters such as Junior Witter and Johnny Nelson, stating to SkySports: "Every boxer says he wants to fight for a world title, but that's my ultimate goal. I'm now fighting in a gym where they breed world champions, and I want to follow in the footsteps of Hamed, Junior Witter and Johnny Nelson."

In boxing, there is always room for someone inspired by such great. With an attitude such as Brook's, you can only hope this kid goes all the way.

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