Floyd Mayweather Jr is Missing
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Nov 6, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
In the past I have been vocal with my criticism of Floyd Mayweather Jr, but I have also heaped tons of praise on him as well. I believe my praise for Mayweather Jr. has far outweighed any negative feeling I have for him. That being said... I miss him.

I miss Mayweather Jr' fights. I miss watching him in action and being in awe of his skills. I miss the level of game he brought to the sport. I miss his popularity within the sport and how his name grabbed
headlines outside of the sport, such as his stint on Dancing with the Stars and Wrestlemania. I miss the lovers and the haters who would flood forums with every subject related to Mayweather Jr. I even miss his trusty advisor, Leonard Ellerbe.

It seems like eternity since Mayweather Jr. announced his retirement. It was a retirement none of us believed would last, and as time goes on, it's something we hope isn't going to remain true.

Love or hate Mayweather Jr., he brought a lot of attention on the sport. He was a good ambassador for Boxing. Mayweather Jr. known for giving back to the community, a man who made the sport look good inside as well as outside the ring. Who organized annual Turkey drives, so people in his community would not go hungry over Thanksgiving dinner. Who organized entertainment events so everyone could experience a good time on his dime. No one ever told Mayweather Jr. to do those things, but when you have as much heart in the ring as you do outside of it... it's not hard to understand why Mayweather Jr. does what he does.

I believe the sport is suffering without him. Boxing can not afford it's biggest talent to just up and leave in his prime. Mayweather Jr. was gaining some impressive momentum, and along with his rise to the top, the sport also prospered. Of course I am not saying Boxing is dead without Mayweather Jr... but it's certainly not the same. It's not been the same fight scene since Mayweather Jr's departure.

I am going through "Money" Mayweather withdraw! Unlike other Boxing scribes... I am not afraid, and certainly not ashamed to admit it. In fact, it's beyond me that I am not reading any other writers calling for Mayweather Jr. to come back or at least admitting they miss the talented fighter's absence from the game.

I hope Mayweather Jr. comes back, because it could be generations before we see his level of talent again. He "was" awesome...but I'd like to see him return, so I can say he 'is" awesome, once again. I'd like to see him return, because when people ask me what's missing from boxing these days? The answer is simple... Floyd Mayweather Jr. is missing.

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