Joe Calzaghe launches New Boxing Website
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Nov 6, 2008)  
Joe Calzaghe has a new website devoted to his clash with Roy Jones Jr. Launched recently, offers a unique perspective into Calzaghe.

On the website you'll find tons of videos and information on Calzaghe. It's a rather interesting site, well worth your visit.

I do have a few problems with the website though. Mainly the Black background and white text. Black background with white text is absolutely hard on the eyes. I avoid websites with black backgrounds like the plague. It hurt my eyes... and I especially notice it when I return to normal websites that have Black text on a white background.

Another problem I have with the website is the news sources up on Calzaghe. Sure, seems to link newspaper articles, but I am not seeing any support to links from Boxing websites. Tons of articles have been written on the fight from various Boxing websites, including Doghouse Boxing. This website along with many boxing websites support Calzaghe vs Jones Jr.... why not show some support back? It seems like a snub not to link the work of Boxing websites. After all, its not the newspapers that garner the most fan support... it's the boxing websites.

So I have two problems with, but that shouldn't stop you from visiting. It didn't stop me. My two issues are small compared to all the good stuff you'll find on It truly is a website worth visiting and getting excellent info from. Click here to visit:

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