Freddie Roach on the Oscar De La Hoya Secret Strategy - It Ain't No Secret!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 8, 2008) (Photo © Laura De la Torre)  
In a recent interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing's Gabriel Montoya, Freddie Roach took time out from his busy and hectic training schedule to answer some questions for our readers. Roach who is deep in training with his pupil, Manny Pacquiao for the upcoming December 6th battle against Oscar De La Hoya, answered many questions in regards to the fight.

Amongst many of the questions asked to Roach, Montoya asked him what has been the biggest adjustment
for Manny fighting these bigger guys? (Pacquiao has been training with naturally bigger fighters.)

Roach wasn't worried he'd be handing out any secrets, noting everyone knows Pacquiao will need to get past and nullify De La Hoya's Jab. Roach tells Doghouse Boxing, "Well, obviously we have to get past the jab. We know that. It’s not a secret."

Roach went on to add, that he's not worried about talking strategy, stating: "People say that I shouldn't be telling my strategy but who doesn't know that. I mean, c'mon. Oscar is going to be using the jab. That's going to be the key to him dictating the pace of the fight is to use his jab effectively."

Roach added that things are working out well, stating: "We got to take the jab away from him and that's what we been working on. So far it's working well."

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