Boxing Punch Stats for Joe Calzaghe defeat of Roy Jones Jr - Calzaghe Speaks
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 8, 2008) (Photo © Yahoo)  
Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Jr put on a great show, but in the end only one man could be the winner. If ever there was a time it looked like Joe Calzaghe was in trouble, it was the first round when he hit the deck. With less than a minute left in the first round, Calzaghe was hit by left and a bunch of solid rights and then a forearm that sent Calzaghe down. Calzaghe looked hurt, but quickly managed to shake it off and continue fighting. From that point on, Calzaghe never looked back and what would become a bloody faced Jones Jr. never seemed to get things going again.

After 12 rounds of action, Calzaghe won by unanimous decision, with scores from all three judges reading 118-109.

In regards to being knocked down in the first round, Calzaghe after the fight, stated: “I was stunned. But that’s what champions are all about. When they go down they come back stronger.”

Punch Stats: Calzaghe landed 344 total punches and Jones landed 159. Calzaghe landed 120 Jabs, but and 12 for Jones. Calzaghe landed 224 power shots and Jones landed 147.

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