Joe Calzaghe calls Bernard Hopkins an A**hole and a Racist! - Boxing
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 11, 2008)  
With his unanimous points victory over Roy Jones Jr. this past Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York, Joe Calzaghe truly sits atop of the Light Heavyweight division. His next move may indeed be retirement and it certainly won't be a rematch with Bernard Hopkins.

Calzaghe who isn't ready to rule on retirement until he has had some time to think, tells Brian Woolnough of the Daily Star (UK) that if he does stick around, it certainly won't be to offer up a rematch to Hopkins.
Hopkins who was defeated by Calzaghe has been publicly talking about wanting a rematch, but Calzaghe has harsh feelings towards Hopkins, considering him to be a racist.

In regards to sticking around the boxing world and giving Hopkins a rematch, Calzaghe made it clear a rematch is never going to happen. Stating Hopkins got his butt handed to him by a white boy, Calzaghe said to the publication: “Screw Hopkins. He had his arse kicked by a white boy and is an idiot and an asshole." Calzaghe went on to add: "He’ll never get a rematch out of me."

Calzaghe went on to discuss how he felt Hopkins was a racist and questioned how if he had said comments like Hopkins did, what the reaction would have been. Calzaghe stated to the publication: “Hopkins is a racist. What would have happened had I said to him that he was never going to beat a white boy?" Calzaghe went on to call Hopkins a "coward" and wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

Whatever Calzaghe chooses, retirement or continuing in the sport... two things are for sure. One, he's the King... and Second, he's the one who calls all the shots. He has earned both rights.

In Boxing, Calzaghe truly is a work of Art when he steps on to the Canvas. Personally, I hope he continues (and only for the greedy reason that I absolutely love watching him box) ... but I can't fault him one bit if he wants to ride off into the Sun Set. Who could?


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