Roach on Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather Jr - De la Hoya's Fault for Losing
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 12, 2008)  
In a recent interview sent to us here at Doghouse Boxing, both Freddie Roach and Nacho Beristain took the time out of their busy training schedule to answer an assortment of questions. Roach is training Manny Pacquiao, while Beristain is training De La Hoya for their upcoming battle on December 6th.

In the interview, Roach who last year trained De La Hoya for his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., in which De La Hoya lost by split decision, was asked if there was anything he as a trainer did not do and wish he had?

Roach answered the question, stating that although De La Hoya was great in camp leading upto the fight, he was not a quick learner. Roach answered, stating: "Oscar was great in training camp. He works really hard and he's a hard trainer, he's a hard worker. I know that. He's not the fastest learner in the world. When you show him something new you have to keep working on him where Pacquiao picks it up a lot quicker." Roach went on to discuss the difference between Pacquiao and De La Hoya, stating: "You show Manny something once he picks it up quick. Oscar's not that type of guy."

Roach was quick to admit that although De La Hoya is not a fast learner, he feels there is nothing wrong with that, and his game plan for the Mayweather Jr. fight was going well until De La Hoya strayed from the plan. Roach said: "And not that there's anything wrong with it but the thing is it takes a little more time for him. The game plan we had for the fight [against Mayweather], was working well in the early rounds and I thought we were winning the fight. And then he abandoned the game plan and then we end up losing the decision.

In regards to De La Hoya blaming the loss to Mayweather Jr. on Roach, Roach replied: "He's always blaming somebody so he can blame me for this one too."

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