Ricky Hatton vs Joe Calzaghe is Off - Boxing
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 13, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
It seems Ricky Hatton vs Joe Calzaghe, The Musical, is no longer going to happen. It was reported that both Calzaghe and Hatton would be releasing musical singles during the Christmas season. Hatton is recording a song with the band "Oasis", while it's being reported that Calzaghe is recording a song with the "Stereophonics".

In a recent Diary Blog by Hatton, published on Sky Sports, Hatton is no longer working on having his song out by Christmas,
but instead is aiming for a release date sometime in the New Year. Hatton, known for a great sense of Humour, says that putting his song out in the New Year clears the road for the Calzaghes.

Hatton writes in his Blog: "I also heard that Joe Calzaghe is bringing out a record with Enzo for Christmas with the Stereophonics. For the record - no pun intended - I have decided to wait until the New Year to go into the recording studio to do my song, so the road is clear for the Calzaghes!"

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