Floyd Mayweather Jr's opinion on the New Ricky Hatton
By Johnny Benz (Nov 26, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
Leonard Ellerbe, adviser to Floyd Mayweather Jr. was at ringside this past Saturday to witness Ricky Hatton dominate Paulie Malignaggi. Ellerbe was impressed with what he saw and credits Hatton's performance to working with his new trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Quoted by the Grand Rapids Press, Ellerbe stated that Hatton teaming up with Mayweather Sr. was the best thing that could've happened to Hatton. Ellerbe stated: "He (Mayweather Sr.) has a way of communicating
and I saw immediately what he was doing. I was impressed. Hatton is more of a thinking fighter now."

Ellerbe went on to say that Mayweather Jr. watched the fight on TV and felt the exact same way as he felt in regards to Hatton. "Floyd said the same thing the next day," said Ellerbe, adding to the publication: "He said he watched it on TV and Hatton was a totally different fighter under his father."

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