Oscar De La Hoya has power and speed and Manny Pacquiao is Short Man
By Johnny Benz (Nov 29, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
This coming Saturday, December 6th, Manny Pacquiao takes on Oscar De La Hoya at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. You can catch the mega fight on HBO Pay-Per-View. With the fight now quickly approaching, I've compiled some great quotes from the promotion leading into the fight.

In regards to the upcoming fight, De La Hoya recently stated: "We are both going to go in there and feel each other out. He is going to feel my punches and I am going to feel his. When that happens, then there is
going to be a fight.

"I have to stick to my game plan, take control of the fight and keep that control for the entire fight. I am working on the timing of my punches too. The timing is going to be very important in this fight. I am going to time his speed and punches and match him no problem.

"I have speed and power too. He's shorter than me, and I am longer than him with a greater reach. I am a natural counter puncher too, so do I want to wait for him to make a mistake or make him make the mistake first?

"That is what makes this fight so intriguing. The timing, the pace and the rhythm of the fight is the great unknown. How we will match-up in the ring that night and who will get to execute their game plan the best? It's a very interesting fight and I think it is going to be a great night of boxing."

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