Yahoo goes Bonkers for Manny Pacquiao's awesome boxing of Oscar De La Hoya
By Johnny Benz (Dec 7, 2008)  
You knew the buzz around Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao was huge, and the way the outcome of the fight made it's way quickly onto as the feature, solidifies the fact. Shortly after Pacquiao's amazing dominance of De La Hoya, the fight outcome was featured prominently on Yahoo.

To make it on to the cover of Yahoo as the feature, the story must be a hot item. On Saturday night, nothing was more popular on the net than Pacquiao's defeat of De La Hoya.

Making it as the feature on Yahoo is no easy task and it truly is the best piece of real-estate on the net. Folks, don't take my word for it...check it out for yourself on or (independent research on website traffic.) You'll see nothing ranks higher on the net that Yahoo.

** See the photo on this page of the actual snap shot from Yahoo.  As a bonus, the question of Ricky Hatton being next for Pacquiao is also featured.

Yahoo uses data from its own popular search engine to help find what topics are the hottest. Only the Hottest topics make it as the feature. It was a Big night for Pacquiao and a huge night for Boxing. Tonight's fight certainly deserves a big YAHOO!

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