Shane Mosley says he is knocking out Antonio Margarito
By Johnny Benz, (Dec 9, 2008)  
Shane Mosley is set to take on Antonio Margarito this coming New year on January 24. The fight will be at the Staples Center and be shown on HBO.

In regards to fighting Margarito, Mosley has been looking forward to this fight. In recent quotes sent to us here at DoghouseBoxing, Mosley stated: “I’m glad Margarito decided to step up to the plate and fight me.”

Mosley went on to discuss how Margarito is under the wrong impression if he thinks he is a bigger puncher than he is: “If Margarito thinks he is the bigger puncher than I, he is delusional. I will definitely win this fight, especially with the type of fighter he is."

Molsey added that Margarito is going to get knocked out, stating: "He is going to end up getting knocked out because he’ll come right at me and I’ll catch him.”

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