Floyd Mayweather Jr phones up Dad over Manny Pacquiao: Mayweather leaves a Message!
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing.com (Dec 9, 2008)  
There is a lot of buzz that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is willing to come out of retirement to fight against Manny Pacquiao. Floyd Mayweather Sr. the father of Floyd Jr. tells the Grand Rapids Press that his son is looking to comeback and wants him to be his trainer. Both Sr. and Jr. have had an estranged relationship over the last few years.

In regards to the thought of working with his son, Mayweather Sr. stated he would need a contract because of the past with his son. "I will never be dumbfounded by anything in my life again unless contracts are involved," said Mayweather Sr. to the publication.

Mayweather Sr. says he'd want a contract with his son to ensure he is treated fairly because of the way things ended the last time he trained his son. Mayweather Sr. stated:  "At the end of the day, he's still my son, but I'd have to hold him accountable with a contract. I didn't have a contract first time but I never dreamed it would end like that, either."

Although there is no firm word from Mayweather Jr. of his intent to return to face Pacquiao, or team up with his Father, Mayweather Sr. admitted his Son called him this past weekend, left a message but no return number. The message was also unclear, so Mayweather Sr. can't say for sure what his son's intent is. Mayweather Sr. told the publication in regards to the call from his son left on his answering machine: "He didn't leave his number."

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