Manny Pacquiao's Brutal KO scared the Sh!t out of Me! But Thank Pacman for sticking his Bloodied Head in the Lion's Mouth!

Manny Pacquiao's Brutal KO scared the Sh!t out of Me! But Thank Pacman for sticking his Bloodied Head in the Lion's Mouth!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 10, 2012) Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing

Manny Pacquiao floored by KO from Juan Manuel Marquez
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. Saturday night's knock out of Manny Pacquiao scared the living sh!t out of me.  For the few moments that Pacquiao laid motionless and face first on the canvass after being brutally knocked out at the end of round 6 by Juan Manuel Marquez, it felt like an eternity.  Everything at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and for those of us watching at home on HBO - PPV, seemed to stand still. Time stood still everywhere... beers stopped filling and spilling, record needles scratched off the records and music abruptly stopped everywhere. If a pin dropped then, its noise would not be heard because it would have been drowned out by the overpowering silence.  Although Pacquiao was knocked out for only a few seconds, it felt like it was minutes that were long and dragged out. In that dramatic moment, although it was short, many things flashed through my head.

I kid you not... I worried that Pacquiao could be seriously hurt (didn't you?!). After all, this is boxing, and it is moments like Saturday's knock out where we as observers are reminded just how dangerous the sport really is.  Especially at Pacquiao's level of the game where ever punch thrown and absorbed is of the highest championship level. In the moments of the KO, thoughts that ran through my mind were nothing short of horrible.  I was scared for him. There was one of Boxing's greatest icons and beloved sons laying motionlessly on the canvass.  It was a scary moment for all of us.

Luckily the drama ended quickly, and Pacquiao bounced back on his feet and quickly gained his scruples.

Saturday night, it wasn't a washed up Pacquiao who lost.  No sir!  In fact Pacquiao was looking like a thing of beauty... it was the old Pacquiao... the only problem was he got too cocky, too quick in buying into his confidence and perhaps forgot it was the always dangerous Marquez in front of him.  Pacquiao lost because he allowed his confidence to disrespect the challenger in front of him.  But both Pacquiao and Marquez put on a show that was anything but boring and what happened to Pacquiao last night, could have easily happened to Marquez.. To all of our delight, they were both taking chances, both fought overly confident and both tagged one another like they each had a flame under their ass.

So regardless, I was equally impressed by both Pacquiao and Marquez. I also would congratulate both men for a stellar fight and thank them for being brave enough for putting their lives and health on the table each time they step into the ring. The dramatic knockout should only serve as a reminder to all of us just how lucky we are that there are men like Pacquiao and Marquez who are willing to stick their bloodied heads into a Lion's mouth time and time again, to entertain us.

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