Shane Mosley on why Oscar De La Hoya lost to Manny Pacquiao
By Johnny Benz, (Dec 10, 2008)  
Shane Mosley doesn't feel age had anything to do with Oscar De La Hoya's tko loss to Manny Pacquiao this past Saturday. Many critics feel that at 35 years of age, De La Hoya is too old, but Mosley does not feel that is the case.

sIn regards to why De La Hoya lost, Mosley who was quoted by the LA Times, doesn't feel age was a factor, but it was something De La Hoya did in training. Quoted by the publication, Mosley stated: "That wasn't age, it was something he did in training. He could only gain two pounds after the weigh-in. He couldn't get his stuff back.... He was just weak."

Mosley explained further, adding that De La Hoya was a sitting duck and knows went wrong. "There's a difference between being slow and being weak. He was a sitting duck. I think it was more about how he prepared. He knows what went wrong," said Mosley.

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