Boxing is Dying say Joe Calzaghe - But I do not Agree!
By Johnny Benz, (Dec 10, 2008)  
It was reported by various sources on the net that Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr on Pay-Per-View (PPV) did poorly in terms of PPV sales. Reported estimates put the PPV in the range of 250,000 buys. Perhaps Calzaghe's mood on boxing reflects these poor numbers.

Recently quoted by Sporting Life, Calzaghe offered a bleak view on Boxing, stating: "I think boxing is a dying sport.'' Someone should tell Calzaghe that apparently 1.25 million homes purchased De la Hoya vs Pacquiao.

Calzaghe is buying into the hype that UFC is taking a huge bite out of boxing. Someone should tell Calzaghe that since the early 2000's...boxing has consistently gotten bigger from year to year... getting beat only once by the UFC in those years in terms of popularity (Generated PPV sales).

Calzaghe stated to the publication: "Globally - in America for instance - you've got UFC (mixed martial arts), which has taken a lot off boxing, business-wise."

There is room for both the UFC and Boxing. Both sports are growing. Neither one is suffering. Boxing isn't dying... but people trying to be conned into buy fights like Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr.... now that's dying. (I am sure a poor economy also had a lot to do with poor sales in PPV.)

I like Calzaghe, he is simply amazing inside the ring... but I do not agree one bit with him that Boxing is Dying. To me, it sounds like sour grapes. And even though Calzaghe's PPV may have not done as well as one might have expected.... it's because of guys like Calzaghe that the sport is running hot. Calzaghe is a huge part of why Boxing is popular these days. To say Boxing is dying... well to me... it seems Calzaghe is only insulting himself and his own popularity.

In closing, it was reported by the Wales on Sunday that Calzaghe made around 10 million for his fight with Jones Jr. What UFC fighter has made that in one fight this year? Yeah 10 million, and Calzaghe has the balls to say he thinks Boxing is Dying. Unbelievable! LOL...jokingly of course, I got to wonder if Calzaghe is smoking crack with that 10 million?!

In all respect to Calzaghe... I think he is awesome and I'll pay to watch him fight anytime and anywhere (because he is so damn exciting)... I just feel that in this case, Calzaghe is wrong. HBO will be showing replays over the weekend. Check your local listings for start times.

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