Joe Calzaghe says "I Don't like the Guy!" - No Boxing For Him!
By Johnny Benz, (Dec 11, 2008)  
Joe Calzaghe is strongly considering retirement, and although he hasn't made up his mind yet, one thing he does seem to have decided on is that he doesn't want to fight Carl Froch.

Calzaghe needs to be motivated to continue fighting, and Froch doesn't seem to interest Calzaghe the least bit. Recently in an interview with talkSPORT, Calzaghe stated in regards to fighting Froch: "I need to fight guys who are going to improve my legacy. I need to fight guys I can be motivated to fight as a champion. He (Froch) only won a belt that I'd given up and the guy he beat wasn't any good."

There is more to it than just not being motivated for Froch. Calzaghe is not pleased with the way Froch has been mouthing him off and showing disrespect. Noting he doesn't like Froch and isn't interested in giving him a pay day, Calzaghe stated: "I'm fed up with people just mouthing me off and saying disrespectful things. I don't like the guy so why would I want to give him a payday?"

Calzaghe has stated to various media outlets that he will take the Christmas Holiday Season to reflect on his future plans. Whatever his plans are, it doesn't seem to include Froch.

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