Filthy Animal steals Boxing Superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr's name... and it's Legal!
By Johnny Benz, (Dec 12, 2008)  
Some may consider a Thorpe Park security guard a total nut job for changing his name from Stephen Edmunds to 'Animal Stephen Leonidas Floyd Mayweather McManus Edmunds'. For the record, yeah it's crazy... but I support any boxing fan... even if he's a filthy Animal who stole Floyd Mayweather Jr's name.

Edmunds, or shall I say, "Animal Floyd Mayweather" (for short) is a 26 year old, of Fordwater Road, Chertsey who paid £10 to have his name changed legally. Animal, quoted by the, explained why he went with the name Animal. Animal Floyd Mayweather stated: "When I was about 10, I can't remember why but I bit one of my friends and so everyone started calling me 'Filthy Animal' for about a week. Then it just became Animal, and that's just kind of stuck ever since."

Animal picked Leonidas to go along with his new name because it means lion-like in Ancient Greek, and he picked boxer Floyd Mayweather's name to add to his new name because Mayweather is a hero to him, and Animal Floyd Mayweather felt it would be a fitting tribute.

Animal Floyd Mayweather admits he could have choosen another hero instead of Floyd Mayweather Jr, but stated: He said: "I could have chosen another hero's name but I thought Optimus Prime, taken from Transformers, would have been taking it a bit far."

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